How To Spice Up Your Romantic Phuket Getaway

March 9, 2020
Kalima Resort

What’s better than a vacation with your partner in Phuket? It’s to turn that vacation as a chance to rekindle the romance and make the fire burn hotter. It doesn’t matter if you’re months in the relationship or had several decades of anniversaries together, a romantic vacation for two is a needed activity for all couples in all stages of a relationship.

In Kalima Resort, it’s possible to feel your romance blossom into unthinkable heights. We’ve prepared some tips you can do to strengthen your love. Check them out below:

Tailor Your Itinerary

Be creative in your approach and customize hotel services as needed. Although romantic dinners for two by the beach or room service of champagne to your room are sweet, they’re familiar and overused. Spicing things up by adding a touch of your personality or by changing a few minor details can make the entire experience more unforgettable. For example, change the candlelights in your dinner with customized lamps with your first picture together. A single deviation from the usual transforms something ordinary into a magical and unforgettable moment.

Get Disconnected from the World

In the modern world, a single notification from your phone can interrupt your vacation. Whether it’s something related to work or home, it doesn’t change the fact that it eats up time that’s supposed to be spent with your partner. Both of you promised this weekend should be for the both of you, so getting disconnected from responsibilities makes the trip more intimate. Put your phones on airplane mode for the entire trip. If cutting your connection is not entirely possible, you should agree on a set time for checking notifications and calls. Other than that, your focus should be on your partner and your partner alone.

Try Something New

The secret to long-lasting romance is spicing things up by adding unusual activities in your routine lives. If things get monotonous, it’s the couple’s responsibility to take action before the fire dies out. Let’s face it; romance is bound to become dry and stale if couples don’t do anything new.

Look at the hotel’s activities, and you’re sure to find something that’s out of the ordinary. You can consult with the receptionist or even make arrangements to make it possible. After all the trouble, you’d be thankful you’ve shared another memory worth keeping.

Plan an Unforgettable Surprise!

Everybody likes surprises, especially if it’s done correctly! Surprises don’t need to be grand and expensive, like a wedding proposal or a priceless gemstone. Simple handicrafts count too! If your partner sees the effort that you made, it’s bound to make them fall in love with you again. They’ll appreciate the effort that despite the responsibilities at work and home, you still managed to plan a little something special for your partner. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Are you planning to have your romantic getaway in Phuket? Choose Kalima Resort to help you make your love grow stronger. Book your stay with us now!