3 Must-Visit Hidden Places in Phuket – Our Guide

January 3, 2020
Kalima Resort

With an influx of more than 5.3 million tourists every year, Phuket has cemented its status as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. As a crowd favorite, Phuket provides thousands of different reasons for every tourist to keep coming back for more.

From cheap, yet delectable seafood and amazing nightlife experiences to breathtaking landscapes, there are various parts of Phuket that are unlike any other. Yet, the sheer amount of tourists it takes in presents a fatal flaw for such prime spots.

Despite Phuket’s beauty, there’s no denying the fact that dealing with the vast amount of tourists during a time that you’re supposed to be relaxing will ruin your experience in more ways than one. Whether it’s a crying baby or a rowdy tour group, there are many reasons to dread the massive influx of tourists as there are to love Phuket itself.

Fortunately, experiencing the beauty of Phuket and its culture doesn’t have to entail rowdy crows all the time. In fact, it’s easy to avoid the crowd if you know exactly where to go.

Where to go in Phuket to avoid tourists
If you’ve been looking to get away from the busy tourist locations as much as possible, here are a few recommended spots for enjoying the true beauty and serenity of Phuket:

1. Similan Islands
Despite the fact that they’re not as frequently visited by tourists as the neighboring Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay, the nine islands of Koh Similan hold the same level of beauty and amazement without the vast crowd. As a destination that’s not widely known by tourists, the Similan Islands are the perfect getaway for anyone seeking a trademark Phuket beach that’s isolated enough to avoid crowding altogether.

From breathtaking dives with the area’s marine life to island hopping, each one of the nine Similan Islands has an abundance of activities to enjoy during a day trip or multi-night stay. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying the Similan Islands on a yacht, on a towel by the beach, or in the turquoise Andaman Sea, Similan Islands is the place to be if you seek a tourist-devoid paradise.

2. Radar Hill Viewpoint
Thanks to the fact that it’s situated in a former military base and the myths concerning its barriers to entry, Radar Hill Viewpoint offers a peaceful vantage point that isn’t as populated with tourists. Upon reaching the location itself, Radar Hill Viewpoint offers breathtaking panoramic views that span all of Phuket, from Patong Beach and Phang Nga to Chalong Bay. As opposed to the Similan Islands, Radar Hill Viewpoint can be accessed easily by car or motorbike. As a bonus, know that parking is aplenty!

3. Sarasin Bridge
Sarasin Bridge is the ultimate isolated spot for anyone looking for an interesting destination that has scenic viewpoints and well-instilled serenity for leisurely walks. Originally built as a link between Phuket Island and the mainland of Phang Nga Province, the Sarasin Bridge is set in a prime spot that overlooks the Andaman Sea, local fishing villages, and Phang Nga Bay. If you’re looking for a sight that can only be found in movies, make sure to stay on Sarasin Bridge after 5 P.M to catch a vivid sunset and see the nightlife of the area unfold!

Final words
Admittedly, running into a crowd of tourists during your stay at Phuket can be quite disappointing, especially if it’s your first visit. Thankfully, the three spots mentioned on this list are excellent for getting away from the packed crowds without having to sacrifice the breathtaking sights, sounds, and experiences that you came for in the first place!

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