3 Ways You Can Have Fun with Frisbee by the Beach

April 5, 2020
Kalima Resort

Frisbees have come a long way in the span of their 82-year history. Originally introduced as a toy for pastime activities including children, frisbees have cemented themselves to become just as relevant as other pieces of equipment in modern sports today. For beachgoers, in particular, frisbees are an essential part of any travel pack because they’re apt for any level of activity on the beach, regardless of if it’s a heated pick-up game or a few rounds of catching. 

Thanks to the way they help make beach trips fun, frisbees have proven to be the ultimate beach toy any traveler should bring. After all, could you imagine how amazing a round of frisbee (or ultimate, as others call it) will be by the beautiful shores of Phuket?

If you’re tired of watersports or want to enjoy a fun activity on the beach without jumping right in the water, then bringing a frisbee with you is the best option! Although it may look like a humble piece of plastic at first, a frisbee holds tons of amazing opportunities for pure enjoyment on the beach with many exciting activities, such as:

1. Ultimate frisbee

Commonly regarded as one of the most exciting sports to watch out for alongside football, rugby, and basketball, ultimate frisbee is a highly-competitive way sport that requires lots of teamwork. If you’re traveling as a group for a much-needed vacation to the paradise-like beaches of Phuket, then you can take your activities by the beach up a notch by switching some sunbathing time for a few rounds of ultimate!

2. Frisbee golf

A few rounds of frisbee golf are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a super-intense activity by the beach but still craves for a challenge with a frisbee.

Alternatively called disc golf, frisbee golf is played the same way as the original ball-and-hole game, but the only round thing in the equation is a disc, and the holes are swapped out for baskets. By aiming to get your discs into the baskets in the fewest tosses possible (similar to playing under par), you’ll be able to have lots of fun with friends and locals alike in an intense, albeit friendly match!

3. Frisbee bowling

Similar to frisbee golf, frisbee bowling is based on an actual existing game but takes a more disc-friendly approach that calls for its own complex challenge that is still enjoyable! With the help of a few bottles or small chunks of wood, you can enjoy a few exciting rounds of frisbee bowling by throwing your disc towards the target to knock down all your makeshift pins in a single toss!


Spending time at the beach doesn’t only have to be with watersports and sandcastles. Bringing a frisbee to the beach is something that you’ll definitely thank yourself for because of all the opportunities to enjoy exciting activities that are perfect for bonding, healthy competition, and time spent on the sand. 

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