4 Ways Blue Space Can Affect Your Mind Body and Soul

October 8, 2019
Kalima Resort

With its sparkling clear waters, bright blue skies, soft powdery sands, and cool gentle breeze, beaches can cast a charm that will calm any mind. The aura that emanates from such a serene location has a certain charm that even science itself has come to accept.


Besides being beneficial to you both physically, mentally, and perhaps even spiritually, science has proven that a visit to the beach will add more years to your life. Scientists have conjured a new term to define the beach effect called “blue space.”


Here are four ways how this “blue space” affects you:


1. Reduction in Stress

Water has a myriad of benefits long-established, but only a handful knows how it affects our mood. Water is one of nature’s answers to reducing stress, helping you feel at ease. Have you ever realized how relaxed you feel when you head out for a swim? That’s how effective water is at boosting your mood positively.


2. Enhances Creativity

Ever wondered why beach art looks so stunning and elegant? One of the reasons is that the artists have their creative skills boosted by the beach. All the stress and worries in your mind cloud your ability to think creatively, but the blue space will clear that all away. As a result, you find new ways to solve problems, thinking outside the box. When you’re free from all the cares of the world, you place yourself in a zone that channels your attention to what is truly important.


3. Counteract the Feelings of Depression

Depression prevents a person from feeling any form of calmness, happiness, and relaxation. Beaches offer all these feelings! So if you’ve been dealing with depression (or someone you know is), head for the beach. The magnificent sight, smell, sound, and feel of the area will altogether help you feel happy and relaxed.


4. Changes Your Perspective in Life

When you become one with nature, you enter a world of peace and tranquility. All your sorrows, your tears, your worries, and your burdens seem to melt away among the waves. When your mind, body, and soul are combined into one, you enter as most would agree the most blissful state you can ever experience. It is all these feelings, all these emotions and experiences, combined that will radically change your perspective in life. Despite the difficulties, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Life, so it seems, isn’t so bad after all.


Whenever you feel blue, in need to calm your mind and enter a blissful state, head for blue space. If you need a place to spend your next vacation, you can never go wrong with a holiday spent at the beach! Go ahead and attain that sense of peace and relaxation you long for.


This feeling isn’t an illusion; it is real! It is how your brain reacts to the serene atmosphere beaches have in store for you. Enjoy the wonders of the beach and, once you’re done. Head home happy and energized, ready to take on new challenges on the journey of life.


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