5 Simple Steps to Save Money for a Vacation to Patong

August 7, 2019
Kalima Resort

Despite how busy you may get, you will need some vacation to get away from all the stress and have fun. However, what’s not fun is saving up for vacation. You may end up stressing yourself, even more, trying to avoid charging on credit and worrying even more during the vacation about money.


Don’t worry, with these simple steps, you will start saving up for your next holiday in no time.


Here are five simple ways to save money for your next vacation:


Do a few freelancing gigs

Don’t mind working a bit more for extra cash? Try out freelancing. Several websites offer you money to complete some jobs online. If you love writing, look for opportunities that make use of your writing skills. Are you an entrepreneur? Why not open up a small business selling quality stuff through stores such as Amway. Another option you can take is through Airbnb. They offer a sort of “local work” for travelers who want experience.


Opening a New Bank Account

A simple way to set aside money for vacation is to open up a brand new bank account just for your vacation savings. Make sure to set it up in a way that you automatically save some money into that account from your main account. That way, you don’t have to worry about putting in the cash into the account every time. This is also helpful if you forget. To stop you from borrowing money out of the vacation bank account, be sure to “hide” the account. Out of sight, out of mind.


Stop Unused Services

Stop and look at what you need and don’t need service-wise. Do you have a gym membership but rarely ever go there? It’s best to cancel your membership. Use the monthly payments that would have gone to paying for membership into saving for a vacation instead. Other examples include cutting off premium cable channels and canceling streaming services you don’t use often. The things that you can get away without, try to get rid of those things. Save that money for the vacation instead.


Sell Unwanted Stuff

Have a closet full of unused clothes or a box full of toys stored somewhere in the basement? If you do have anything in the house you rarely or don’t have a use for, sell them all away to raise money for a vacation. If you have more valuable collectibles, selling them online may net you a better price. Set up a small garage sale by a driveway or at your front yard. The money you earn may be enough to pay for a few nights in a good hotel or a trip to a theme park.


Lower Your Food Bill

If you have a family, you probably spend much on groceries. Look for ways to reduce your weekly budget. Look for cheaper alternatives and reduce how much you buy. An excellent way to do this is to turn this errand into a game. In this game, you will try different ways to spend less and less. Buy in bulk, cut off junk foods, and set up meal plans based on sales.


With these five saving money tips, you will have no problems covering for your next vacation. Start today, and save up for the dream vacation!


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