5 Types of People You’ll Run into at the Beach in Phuket

March 2, 2020
Kalima Resort

Whether the summer’s about to start or just about to end, people of all kinds will flock the beach to catch the sun, sand, and sea. With so many activities to be done here, not to mention the natural beauty that can instill relaxation in anyone’s heart, there’s no better place to be than the beach. That said, when you hit the beach, you can always expect these five people:

1. The Surfer

No, we aren’t talking about surfers out there who take the sport professionally. The ones we’re talking about are surfers who don’t put much effort into surfing. However, what they care about is that people think they’re good.

You’ll find them suited up in the most expensive wetsuits, carrying multiple boards at once as they strut down the beach. While everything about them screams “pro surfer,” you’ll soon succumb to laughter once you find one taking the smallest waves and spending more time talking to women than surfing.

2. The Collector

If there is one guy or girl you’ll find on any beach, that’s the collector. Whatever it is they’re collecting—shells, pebbles, rocks, or pieces of metal—they’re busy collecting something.

Don’t be surprised if one bumps into you as their eyes are always glued to the ground, hoping to strike treasure and achieve that dream millionaire life. You don’t have to be too bad at them, though. They aren’t intentionally hurting anyone. They might need some reminding that they need to look in front occasionally, else they’ll get hurt.

3. The Drinkers

Yes, the partygoers. They aren’t only found at home, bars, or colleges. They’re found at the beach, too.

You’ll find kids freshly graduated from high school to college students making the most out of their break. The chances are that they are drinking away and shouting about how tough they are and the dumb things they’ve done in their life. However, they always seem to be having so much fun. That said, while they look like trouble, they won’t cause any if they stay in their designated spots, drinking and talking away.

4. The Tanner

Occupying all the beach chairs, you’ll find moms of all types too busy sunbathing to watch over their little kids running amok on the sand. You can’t miss them, as they’ll more than likely have their hats covering their face.

Seriously, they’re why lifeguards are vital. They ignore hiring any real help to keep an eye on their kids and expect some random person to give free assistance if any of their kids find themselves in trouble.

5. Everything or Nothing

What do we mean by “everything or nothing”? Well, we’re talking about what the beachgoers are wearing. That’s right. Some people are hell-bent on wearing as little as possible to show off their beautiful tan and body shape. While they think that they look stunning, the average people around them will think otherwise.

That said, some wear so much, you’d think someone told them they were going to play in the snow. Just seeing them walking around makes you feel hot.


When you show up at the beach, you’ll be acquainted by one, two, or all the types of people we’ve talked about. You might be one of them, too! Nevertheless, we hope that you have a blast of a time at the beach. Remember, always find a way to enjoy the beach your way, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

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