5 Unforgettable Activities to Do in Patong

September 24, 2019
Kalima Resort

With heart-pumping nightlife, pristine white sand and a curved 3km beach, Patong has established itself as a must-visit area for tourists. Known as a “beach resort town” among tourists and locals alike, Patong is a popular option for anyone who wants to get away from it all and enjoy a beach holiday in the sun. However, this amazing destination is a lot more than the beachitself.


To experience the very best of what Patong has to offer, we’ve compiled a list of different activities that you can do, ranging from shopping to having a new tattoo. If a priceless and unforgettable experience is what you’re looking for, then make sure to have these activities on your itinerary:


1. Bangla Road

Best summed up as one of the country’s best nightlife experiences, Bangla Road in the heart of Patong is an area where everything amazing happens. With cheap drinks, loud music, street entertainers, night clubs, and like-minded people who are there to have a great time, Bangla Road is the perfect place to go if you want to spend a night partying.


2. Jungceylon

Located a stone’s throw away from Bangla Road, Jungceylon Shopping Center is one of Patong’sgreatest attractions for one reason: it’s packed with bargains and interesting finds that you won’t find anywhere else. Should you find yourself itching to shop until you drop, then a trip to Jungceylon is perfect for you. The mall has fashion, beauty, restaurants, massage, supermarket, cinema, children’s activities and more all under one roof.


3. The Simon Cabaret Show

Defined by most people as an experience that you should never miss when traveling to Phuket, the Simon Cabaret show is a 70-minute extravaganza filled with fun, humor, and a good time. With dances, comedy acts, and international performers, the Simon Cabaret show is an experience that showcases the very best of what Patong can bring in terms of entertainment.


4. Massage

There is so much choice when it comes to having a massage in Patong. There are spas for all budgets all over the city, from the beach to the shopping mall. The beach massage huts make it easy to enjoy a massage under the shade during a day sunbathing on the sand, while the massage shops can tempt you in for a relieving foot massage after a day walking the streets shopping. Alternatively, you can book a five-star spa experience at your hotel.


5. Bamboo Tattoos

One of the greatest ways to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Patong is to take a piece of it back home with you! Whether you’re looking for a new, exciting experience or need another piece of skin art to add to your collection, getting a bamboo tattoo is the perfect activity to do. Unlike most traditional tattoo parlors, the town’s local artisans work with authentic bamboo needles and nothing else, ensuring that every inked piece is unique, created with attention to quality and detail.


With all sorts of experiences that tourists and locals can enjoy, Patong is the perfect destination for anyone that’s looking for a more immersive way to experience Thailand. Aside from the activities on this list, there are a ton of things to experience if you find yourself in the city!


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