6 Excellent Activities You Can Do During Summer in Phuket – Our Guide

November 15, 2019
Kalima Resort

When summertime arrives, most people get ready to start crossing items off of their bucket lists. From finishing their favorite Netflix series to trying out the wildest of cocktails, there are plenty of things to be done to be “productive” during the holidays. Do you have any that can be completed in the beautiful setting of a beach? With the splashing waters and cool breeze, not to mention the warm sun, Phuket Island is the perfect place to kick-back, relax, and enjoy your time.

If you can’t think about what you want to do for the summer, here are six activities you can do to spend your time wisely.

1. Catch Up on Reading
After spending days on and crunching down numbers and completing paperwork, you deserve some time to lock yourself away in the world of paradise. Spend half of the day at the beach, and the other half in your imagination, fueled by the words inscribed in your favorite novel. In other words, enjoy the wonders of both the real and fictional worlds as you relax at the beach while reading your favorite book.

2. Get a Tattoo
Are you dying to get yourself a new tattoo? Grab one that’s summer-related or even a beach-related one! That way, you can wear your shorts or bikini in style, showing others that you know how to have fun in the sandy shores.

3. Learn to Surf
While at the beach, you see giant waves and get reminded about how remarkable it is to see surfers riding monster waves. Though you aren’t ready for those types of waves, you can take the time to learn how to surf! If there’s nothing stopping you, you can sign up for a lesson on surfing and bring your friends along for the ride!

4. Start a Bonfire
If you’re more laidback, want-to-relax type of person, round up your buddies for a night’s out at the beach around a bonfire. Don’t forget to bring your favorite chocolate bar, some marshmallows, and crackers to enjoy s’mores. Don’t forget to grab your Bluetooth speakers and play some music to spice up the evening!

5. Grab a Drink
If you’re a corporate junkie like most of us are, you’re stuck in the office for the majority of the summer. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! Bring your colleagues or your friends for a Friday evening at the beach bar to enjoy a relaxed vibe as you enjoy the drinks. Don’t forget to arrive at a happy hour, as that’ll net you the most amounts of bottles for as little money as possible!

6. Go on a Cruise
Do you want to enjoy the sun and sea in the most luxurious way possible? Perhaps it’s time to book a cruise! There, you’ll get the chance to soak up some sun on the top deck, or even swim in the pool. You can also treat yourself to the myriad of delicious food items available on the cruise and purchase your favorite bottle of wine.

Whatever you do, do not waste your summer away! Spend it well with friends or even by yourself, taking it as a chance to reduce the length of your bucket list!

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