6 Famous Viewpoints in Phuket that You Must Visit

September 10, 2019
Kalima Resort

Phuket is filled with spectacular viewpoints that will surely take your breath away. The scenery is filled with white-sand beaches and crystal clear sea. With many viewpoints available, you might be wondering which one is the best.


Below are six magnificent viewpoints in Phuket for you to go to get an experience of a lifetime.


1 – Promthep Cape

This is the most famous location in Phuket and is best visited during sunset. The beautiful sunset is what makes the view from up here truly magical. Many tourists, especially couples, come here to share a special moment.

There are many other landmarks here that you will enjoy, such as the lighthouse nearby with its own beautiful view. Here, they also sell goods, such as batik, local snacks, and other items. You can perhaps buy yourself a souvenir to remind yourself of this paradise.


2 – The Big Buddha

If you’re traveling around the Phuket area, the Big Buddha is something you should not miss. It is one of the most popular and holy temples in Phuket. The Big Buddha itself is made of marble that sparkles under the sun and is a symbol of hope.

To the locals, the Big Buddha has a longer name, which is Phra Putta Mingmongkol Aken Akkiri Buddha. When you come here, you will enjoy a tremendous spiritual experience. With its peaceful atmosphere and soft dharma music, your worries and stress will all melt away as you stand in awe in front of the Big Buddha.


3 – Radar Hill Viewpoint

If you are looking for the highest viewpoint that Phuket has to offer, head over to the Radar Hill Viewpoint. It may take you a while to reach the top, but the rewards are truly worth the effort. With the photos you will be taking, you will have many stories to tell.

Over there, you’ll be able to see Patong, the land and the sea. Even the trip to the location is an adventure in itself. On the way, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Chalong Bay and the Bang Wad reservoir.


4 – Kata Viewpoint

Now known as Karon Viewpoint, this place offers a scenic landscape to anyone viewing. Unlike other viewpoints, this viewpoint can get rather busy as it is a crossroad to many different views. This viewpoint also received the title “Three Beaches Hill,” which is Khao Saam Haad in the local language. Here, you will see something that no other view offers, which is an 8-kilometer sweep of the three beaches.


5 – Khao Rang Hill

With a spectacular combination of nature and suburban landscapes, Khao Rang Hill offers a unique experience. Up here, you will see the nearby town, parts of the island and other surrounding islands, and the places in Phuket. After taking in the views, head over to one of the many restaurants that are available in Khao Rang, as these restaurants even have their own views!


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