6 Reasons Why You Should Head to the Beach More Often

August 21, 2019
Kalima Resort

Anyone who has spent enough time on the beach knows that it has an effect on their mind, body, and soul. If you’re a beach lover, it can be tough to decide whether your next vacation will be at a resort inland or by the ocean. You may feel more alive closer to the sea and even enjoy more medical benefits (which are often debated). You can say that it is the ocean’s magic!


People have long believed that water has healing properties. Roman people, for one, made baths a normal part of their lives. Their bathhouses were places where citizens came together to connect and relax at the same time. Practitioners of ancient Indian medicine, as well as those of traditional Chinese medication, believe that water balances the body and creates unity. Rivers were thought of as sacred places. In different religions, water has symbolized spiritual cleansing, salvation, and rebirth. So, if you still need a reason to hit the beach, here are six:


1 – It Allows You To Be Yourself

Many people who have been to beaches have entered a sort of trance as they ponder on the seas. As you listen to the water and the waves, you enter a meditation of intimate relaxation. This feeling of comfort that the sea fills you with allows you to be alone with yourself.


2 – It Makes You Feel Relaxed

In the bustling life that we all face, anxiety is all too common. It is a sickness that most if not all want to get rid of. A trip to the beach will do wonders to help us unwind from all of life’s cares, bringing us back down to earth. As you sit down on the sand and listen to the waves roaring down on the beach, you enter a state of peace and blissfulness. You forget everything around you and for that one moment, live in the present. You let go of all the stress and burdens that have been worrying you constantly and, in a way, change your perspective on life. This feeling has been scientifically proven to improve your ability to connect with others and feel empathy.


3 – It Cleanses Your Body and Soul

The sea offers to purify properties to our body and soul. You can enjoy the fresh air filling your lungs as the cool breeze cools your body. A swim in the ocean can also revitalize your skin. Taking a stroll through the beach, exfoliates dead skin cells off your foot. As for your soul, the smell and sound of the ocean purify your emotions and thoughts. When you hear water, your soul goes into a feeling of peace and relaxation. You feel the sense that you are in the right place.


4 – It Allows for Simple Meditation

One of the most natural meditation techniques is listening to and becoming one with the ocean waves. As you hear the waves roll, imagine freshwater entering your body and taking away all the negativity you’re holding, dragging it out into the deep. Following your breath with the waves crashing down allows you to understand impermanence, a doctrine of existence in Buddhism. It means that you live in conditioned existence, transient and continuously in flux. Because the sea is consistent in movement, it is beneficial for meditation.


5 – It Induces a Good Night’s Rest

Some of us can rest easy listening to white noise in the background. The waves roar down at the beach, calming our nerves and our minds. It is a sort of lullaby that sings us to sleep. We wake up refreshed and alive because of what the sea does to our soul.


6 – It Offers Excellent Physical Exercise

As water helps us unwind, water also helps us exercise. If you, by any chance, are experiencing anything that can be solved with exercise and a reduction in anxiety, a trip to the beach is just the thing. There are so many ways to exercise at the beach, whether you like hiking down trails and biking along the beach or rowing in a boat and swimming in the ocean. Not only does it improves your body, but it is a significant mental boost. It is a better experience than exercising in a crowded and dirty gym.


The beach just provides so many benefits to your body, mind, and soul that you can never go wrong, take a trip to the beach. Thus, the next time you need to convince someone to go to the beach, remember what you’ve just read. You and whoever you bring along will appreciate the wonders of this magical place!


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