6 Romantic Ways For You to Propose on the Beach

August 29, 2019
Kalima Resort

If you’re planning to propose to the person who means everything to you, the beach will be the perfect place to do so! Remember, that’s not the only thing you’ll have to plan! You need to determine how you’re going to do it as well.


Think of your partner’s personality, then create your ideal proposal that will surely be returned with a, “Yes!” Are you still unsure of what to do? Here are six ways you can propose on the beach:


1 – Message in the Sand

Imagine you’re walking along the beach, holding hands, and you come to a message in the sand. Act as you’ve never seen it before and ask your loved one what it says. When she finishes reading it, whip out your ring box and be ready for her as she turns and realizes what is happening. That will undoubtedly catch your loved one by surprise and will look very, very romantic.


2 – Romantic Bonfire

There is a magical aura around bonfires on the beach. Pick a location where the tide won’t reach, and the wind isn’t too strong. There, build your own bonfire and set it up to be ready for your arrival later on. As you snuggle together staring into the embers, tell her how much she means to you. Tell her how she is the light of your life, and that she is the fills your soul with fire! After that, whip out your ring box and propose.


3 – Moonlit Beach Picnic

Another great way to tackle this is to set up a moonlit, romantic picnic at the beach. Offer light food like wine, cheese, some bread, and fruits. Pour one more glass of wine and tell her that there is one last treat. Reach into the picnic box where you’ve carefully hidden the ring box and pull it out. Gently place the box in front of her and tell her how her eyes shine brighter than the moon. Remind her how much you love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her. All you have to do after is to wait for her answer.


4 – On Bended Knee

This is probably the most common way to propose, and this will be an image your partner will never ever forget. Take her down the beach and stroll lazily through the sands. When you’ve finally built up the courage, stop, and kneel on one knee. This action alone is going to send your loved straight to cloud nine. Choose your words very carefully and finish off with the phrase, “Will you marry me?”


5 – Proposal in a Bottle

Find an excuse to take your loved one out on the beach and act like you spotted something. Once you run to the spot, whip out the small bottle that you’ve hidden in your pocket with your proposal note inside. Bring the bottle back to your partner and have her open and read the letter. Then, wait and watch as she slowly realizes what is going on. Once she becomes fully aware of the situation, ask her to marry you.


6 – Buried Treasure

If you want the ultimate proposal, find a spot where you can bury your engagement ring. An excellent place to hide it in is a secluded area of the beach, away from prying eyes and possible thieves. If you’ve brought friends, ask them to bury it for you and keep it safe. Leave a bit of the box sticking for you and your loved one to spot it easily. When you find it, let her dig it up and open the box. When she sees the ring, tell her that the real treasure was her all along, then ask her to marry you.


We know that planning is one thing, and doing it is another. Don’t worry! Take your time and enjoy the experiences together, you’ll know when the time is right!


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