How Phuket Set the Bar for Environmentally-Friendly Tourism

January 14, 2020
Kalima Resort

Phuket is known around the world for its pristine beaches and lush greenery. It’s been consistently ranked among the best tropical paradises on the planet. Local officials have long realized this, so there’s been a great deal of effort made to preserve the island’s natural beauty.

Take a look at some of these efforts and see how it has shaped Phuket into one of the best environmentally-friendly destinations in the world today.

1. Low-Impact Tours Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Nature has a majestic but fragile beauty, and tourists are now becoming more aware of that reality. These days, with demand for low-impact tours at an all-time high, Phuket has become a haven for mindful travelers who value a land’s natural beauty. Sustainable and educational tours can be found in virtually all parts of the island, providing tourists a way to enjoy all the island has to offer while helping to conserve the environment.

One of the top destinations on the island is the Phuket public aquarium. It functions as both a tourist attraction and a research center. Visitors to the aquarium get to appreciate the wonders of the sea while also learning about its significance. The aquarium also houses scientific facilities, where some of the brightest minds in the country come together to find solutions to the many problems that plague our seas.

In other parts of Phuket, you can find similar low-impact tours. The Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Conservation and Extension Centre and Phuket’s very own Butterfly Garden and Insect World are both open for all to visit and learn about the importance of protecting the rich diversity of plants and animals on the island.

2. Eco-Friendly Hotels and Resorts Are on the Rise

Phuket is now home to many different eco-friendly accommodations, and they’re only growing in number by the year. By definition, these hotels and resorts operate in such a way that their carbon footprint on the environment is minimized. Typically, they use reclaimed and recycled materials in the construction of their buildings, as well as green housekeeping practices when going about their daily operations.

Some eco-friendly establishments even provide sustainable food to their guests. This promotes healthy eating, free of toxins and with respect for the environment.

3. The Local Government Provides Plenty of Support

Of course, none of this would be possible without ample support from those in charge of running the island. Local government units are fully onboard when it comes to helping preserve the environment. Laws and ordinances are constantly put into place to help bring these efforts to fruition. With some great incentives for destination managers to go green, everyone is able to work together to help take care of the island.

How You Can Join the Conservation Effort

There’s plenty of ways that you, as a visitor to Phuket or any other destination, can help promote a more environmentally-friendly mindset. When planning your next travel itinerary, choose to go green and stay at an eco-friendly hotel. You can also bring your family to any of the educational tours mentioned above. Don’t forget the smaller details like bringing reusable bottles and utensils. When it comes to looking out for the environment, everyone has a role, and even the smallest bit counts.

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