How to Keep Your Children Safe at The Beach – Our Guide

November 29, 2019
Kalima Resort

You can’t get rid of the sand while you’re at the beach. If the small grains bother you or the kids that much, however, our tips may be of use.

The beach is one of the healthiest places for a human being to be. After all, the sun, wind, and waves can be incredibly healing and therapeutic. That said, the fears many of us have of bacteria, UV light, and more often make us haul around tote bags full of “necessities” for protection. This can certainly spoil the fun. To add to that, it’s not you who you’re anxious about. Rather, it’s your kids and their welfare while you’re at the beach.

Children are little bundles of energy, often alternating between bouncing off the walls and taking naps to recover. When they see the waves, however, their energy levels jump to all-time highs, exhibiting in the forms of shrieks and running. Jumping up and down will send the grains of sand flying everywhere. For the sake of your own sanity (and that of your children, once the novelty of sand wears off), you’ll have to keep the grains at bay.

It’s going to be a challenge to bake under the sun and work on your tan if you’re busy wiping the sand off your wriggly kids. Fortunately, we’ve got some easy solutions to your dilemma:

1. Use baby wipes

Baby wipes are every parent’s best friend. They’re an easy way to remove dirt, spills, sand, and much more of your children’s skin. If you plan to have a picnic, use wipes to clean your littles’ fingers before they grab the food. That said, be sure to not overuse these wipes—some can be incredibly drying and will just result in skin irritation later on.

2. Bring a spray bottle of fresh water

A spray bottle with fresh water will certainly come in handy when you’re at the beach. To make it even more special, put ice cubes inside. The cold water will be a welcome refreshment on hot afternoons!

3. Apply sunscreen an hour before you get to the beach

Applying sunscreen right before you hit the water is useless because it will wash away instantly. Make a point of applying the cream an hour before so it has time to seep into your skin. One bonus here is that you won’t have to deal with the sand while trying to make sure everyone has sunscreen on!

4. Opt for the spray-on option

Creams may be easier to find, but spray-on sunscreen is great for kids. After all, who wants to apply the cream on wriggling balls of energy when they’re trying to get into the sea? Spray-on options are indispensable for moving targets—your children.

5. Pack a towel for wiping sand off everyone’s feet

The worst part of a beach trip is cleaning up the traces of sand that show up in your car, your washing machine, and your nooks and crannies for weeks on end. Keep the post-beach cleanup to a minimum by dedicating a towel to wiping off sandy feet before everyone hops into the car.

6. Bring a bag for your wet items and beach toys

It’s crucial to have several plastic bags on hand for wet swimsuits and shoes. Pack a large plastic tote bag for the beach toys, as well. Don’t worry too much about getting all the sand off when it comes to these items—you can quickly rinse them when you’re back home.

7. Stock up on more beach towels than you think you’ll need

Oversized beach towels are clearly the superior beach blanket alternative. They don’t disappear when the beach is crowded, and you can quickly shake the sand off when you’re on your way home!

8. Use baby powder

Grains of sand are hard to remove when there’s moisture. Our crucial life hack is to use baby powder and a big make-up brush! Simply put some baby powder on your child’s body and wait for it to absorb the wetness in two minutes. When your child’s skin is dry, brush the sand off with a brush. Remember to apply the powder moderately on babies because an excessive amount can be harmful to little lungs!

9. Invest in water shoes

Water shoes are not the most fashionable, but they serve practical purposes that will make your beach trip much more enjoyable!


If you don’t let the sand bother you, nothing can ever spoil the fun you’ll have with your family at the beach. If the grains bother you, just follow our tips above.

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