Our Guide to Activities Your Entire Family Will Enjoy in Phuket

January 24, 2020
Kalima Resort

If you’re looking to take a break from the chaos of the city, flying off to a tropical paradise in the heart of Southern Phuket, Thailand spells the ultimate getaway trip that is perfect for families. Phuket is a hub of wonder as it offers a wide range of beautiful beaches along with scenic neighboring islands to explore.

In between the coconut groves, soft, sandy beaches, palm trees, and stunning viewpoints, you’ll find a wide range of family-friendly activities that are perfect for kids, grandparents, and parents to enjoy. To that end, here are different events and places you can dive into with your kids at the picturesque island of Phuket:

1. Swim, Snorkel, and Sunbathe at Yanui Beach

Phuket is home to plenty of postcard-perfect beaches, but Yanui Beach is arguably one of the best places to visit as a family. It’s a secluded area that isn’t as busy as other famous beaches, making it the perfect spot for kids to run around and build some sandcastles while you can relax under the sun.

Additionally, the calm waters and clean, sandy ocean floor make it a safe playground for kids of all ages to splash around. If you want to spice up the trip and amp up the fun, you can rent kayaks and go on a kayaking adventure with the whole family.

2. Play with Elephants

Phuket proudly houses five elephant sanctuaries, and all these are excellent for children. It allows families to marvel at elephants and learn how to interact with them in a fun yet ethical manner. You can take the experience up a notch by having your kids feed baby elephants, but nothing beats the fact that you can play with them in the water and mud! That alone can make for an unforgettable moment, one that is sure to last for years to come.

3. Get to Know Phuket’s Culture Through Fantasea

Fantasea is a magical yet cultural theme park that makes history and local culture a fun past-time for all ages. The vibrant park features numerous Thai culture shows, ornate buildings that showcase Thai’s rich architecture, a jaw-dropping duplicate of a Thai palace, and so much more.

Its a wonderland of sorts for children as the colorful park provides plenty of exciting activities for families. Visiting Fantasea can be time-consuming, but you can fuel up and complete your cultural exploration by tasting authentic Thai staples from the park’s various buffet restaurants.

4. Splash Around at Rawai Park

Arguably one of the hottest spots to visit by families, Rawai Park, is a kids club haven as it features a vast number of heart-racing activities for kids. It features five sports to play – from various pools highlighting different fountains and slides. Splash around the place if you’re looking to dip your toes into a kid-friendly pool zone for hot days, while toddlers can enjoy carousels, toys, a mini climbing wall, sandboxes, ball pits, and more.

5. Relax and Watch the Sunset with Your Kids at Promthep Cape

Who says that a vacation with kids won’t be relaxing? You can sit back and lounge by Promthep Cape, Phuket’s hottest spot where you can catch one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the whole island. The stunning natural beauty of Promthep Cape lights up in cotton-candy colors as the sun sinks down the horizon, which makes for a serene and awe-inspiring scene for kids and adults alike. Seeing as it is also one of the most Instagrammable places on the island, this is the perfect time to commemorate your vacation with your family by snapping some family holiday photos.

Here in Phuket, you can enjoy various activities and scenic views with the whole family. A wide range of beaches gives you the option to drop by the best spot for your kids to plunge in, while a list of kid-friendly parks can fill your itinerary with fun places that can maximize your trip as a family. Looking for a hillside hideaway right by Patong Beach? Get in touch with Kalima Resort & Spa to plan an incredible Phuket stay!