Plan Your Beach Wedding for Success With These 4 Tips

October 8, 2019
Kalima Resort

For every bride or groom-to-be, having a beach wedding is the most special way to celebrate a significant milestone in every relationship. Although there are millions of beaches across the world, many couples flock to Phuket for all the right reasons.


Think about it: pristine white beaches, picturesque sunsets, great weather, enjoyable traditions, accommodating locals, and delicious food—who wouldn’t want to get married in Phuket? Although a beach wedding in Phuket is the culmination of a dream wedding, the reality is that planning a beach wedding in Phuket can prove to be difficult.


Beach weddings can be complex as they are, increasing in difficulty the farther you are from home. Most wedding planners and couples regard a beach wedding as one of the most difficult events to plan simply because there’s an extensive list of factors to be considered.


Proper and meticulous planning is the key to ensuring that everything goes well for a perfect ceremony.


Tips for planning your beach wedding

To ensure that your beach wedding is as flawless as can be, here are a few tips and tricks to implement during your planning process:


BEACH WEDDING TIP #1: Choose two places where you’d want to get married

Successfully planning a beach wedding that everyone can enjoy entails one thing: having a contingency plan. More often than not, many engaged couples who plan a wedding in Bangkok fail to keep a second venue in mind, resulting in a logistical hiccup that can cancel the whole occasion. Phuket is abundant with accommodations and locations to get married in, so it’s best to ensure that you have a backup venue if things go south and the top choice is a nuisance to work with.

BEACH WEDDING TIP #2: Be as cynical as possible when choosing everything

It is essential to plan a perfect beach wedding with a cynical mindset because it can make the difference between a smooth wedding proper and a logistical nightmare. When looking at major choices, think of all the potential obstacles that you might encounter. Ensure that every choice fits in the set criteria for a perfect ceremony.

BEACH WEDDING TIP #3: Make sure you can transport your guests from the airport

A wedding nightmare that typically takes place is that guests end up being lost because they’re in a foreign land that’s hard to navigate on their own. To ensure that things go smoothly during the beach wedding, hire a transportation service to bring your guests to the venue from the airport.

BEACH WEDDING TIP #4: Hire a professional wedding photographer

One of the most beautiful things that can come out of your wedding is the photos and videos of the event. Many people who have a beach wedding miss out on the opportunity to get amazing photos due to lack of planning. Hire professional wedding photographers and videographers and work closely with them. They’ll know how to capture the perfect photos for your special day!

Beach weddings are magical events that often require intensive planning to pull off as best as possible. Remember the tips we talked about above when you plan out a beach wedding that is suited to your standards and worthy of being featured in a lifestyle magazine.

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