How to Save Money While Visiting Phuket

April 3, 2019
Kalima Resort

If you are planning a trip to Phuket, Thailand, there are a lot of things you should know before you head off. Traveling to other countries can be expensive with all the transaction fees and taxes you have to pay. Here are our tips for saving money when you are traveling to Thailand:


Look for SuperRich

 When in Phuket, there are so many ways to change your money. Changing currencies from your home country would incur some fees, and changing at your hotel is the first mistake you could make when it comes to currency exchange. You want to look for the SuperRich counters anywhere at the airport or anywhere around Phuket.


Exchanging at street vendors

 Many exchange vendors aren’t completely official since they aren’t with a specific bank, but they will be your cheapest and best bet when it comes to saving money on your exchange. Just be sure to check your total amount before leaving to ensure that you haven’t been underpaid.


Paying for transportation

 When it comes to transportation, as tempting as hailing a Grab might be, it is actually less expensive to just hail a taxi and go by meter. Paying for a ride with cash by the meter is a lot cheaper than any other options you might have while in Phuket. Renting a  bike will be your most affordable option, as long as you make a smart choice when picking your renter and checking out your vehicle before putting any money down.


Living off street food

 This is actually the cheapest, most delicious way to save money. Thailand has a ton of really cheap food vendors that will provide you with really high-quality and scrumptious food. You can actually get quite a good meal under 100 THB. It is worth it and will be way cheaper than eating at home.


Go shopping at the market

 You can buy clothes, bags, and accessories at the walking streets and markets of Phuket. Usually, everything will be a bargain and will be totally worth your money. Try to purchase all your things here, especially if you are only here for a short while. There are also small shops at the malls and markets that will be specifically bargain shops; kind of like the 99 cents store of Thailand. These places will allow you to buy substitute goods at a low cost. Buy your essential home needs here for your stay.


Book early

 Try your best to book all your accommodation and stays early so that you can be thoroughly prepared when you arrive. This may also allow you to purchase things for cheap. You might be able to find promotions or deals on the early bird pricing, and this will give you an idea of what your budget will look like in order for you to plan early on what you can and cannot spend while you are in Phuket. Booking early can also allow you to get your spots on any tours you might be interested in, which might also bring you better pricing.


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