The 3 Seasons of Phuket

May 29, 2019
Kalima Resort

The thought of Phuket usually brings forth images of the bright sun shining down on a sparkling, turquoise sea. Although the temperature of the island is warm throughout the year, the sky is not always clear. In the south of Thailand, there are two main seasons: dry and wet. In between these two, there are also transitional periods.


The island may be in Thailand, but the seasons here are completely different from the rest of the country. You need to understand the weather in Phuket in order to plan a perfect trip. This way, you won’t be disappointed when you arrive on the island expecting sun, only to be greeted by raindrops.


Here is a short overview of the three seasons of Phuket:


Dry Season


The period from December to March is considered to be the dry season. The weather is largely warm, although it will occasionally be cool. It rarely rains during this time, but you will get some cool air occasionally.


The weather will not be so cold that you need to pack a jacket. You should still be able to get away with a T-shirt and shorts. Keep in mind that sea water might be a little colder than usual. These months are considered Phuket’s high season because of the pleasant weather. You should expect to pay for flights, accommodation, and food at the highest prices.


That being said, the higher prices are very much worth visiting the beautiful island during this season. You won’t have to worry about having your trip ruined by poor weather conditions.


Transitional Periods


After the dry season, there come transitional periods. This time only lasts for a month or two. The time between April and May is ordinarily the hottest time in Phuket. Whether you want to bathe in the sun or prefer to have build sandcastles in the shade, do not forget to bring a full tube of sunscreen with you. There is a high chance that you will get sunburned even from walking to get food!


Phuket’s second transitional period is between October and November. This duration has less sun and more rain. In fact, you can expect at least 5 days of rain every week! Nevertheless, the weather conditions during both transitional periods are unpredictable. It all depends on the weather that year. If you want to take a risk, bring some luck with you and pray for no rain.


Traveling to Phuket during these periods is recommended as things are much cheaper than during the high season. That being said, you’ll have to trade cheaper prices off with potentially not being able to enjoy some of the outdoor activities you planned.


Wet Season

The last season of Phuket is the wet season. The name pretty much speaks for itself. There will be a lot of rainy and stormy days at this time. This period tends to start in June and end in October. The residents of Phuket experience many monsoon storms during this time. Since the weather isn’t very pleasant, this is the island’s low season. One thing to remember is the rain here is not a simple drizzle.


Tropical monsoons can be so extreme that it is not safe to just walk along the beach, let alone enjoy a boat ride. If you plan to Phuket during the wet season, you might want to opt for indoor activities and save the outdoor ones as backups on the off chance that you’ll be blessed with good weather.


Not many travelers choose to visit Phuket during these months. This is simply because many people believe that a visit isn’t worth it if they will be getting stuck in their hotel rooms anyway. That being said, someone else’s loss is your opportunity.


Low season is the perfect opportunity for backpackers on a tight budget to pay the island a visit. It is true that most days will be rainy. However, there will be some sunny days as well. Some people believe that the risk is worth traveling to Phuket for a cheap price.


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