Things to Do During Your Romant-ic Vacation in Phuket

May 10, 2019
Kalima Resort

Going on a romantic vacation with your loved one is an excellent way to spice up your relationship. If you haven’t been on a trip with your partner for quite some time, planning a romantic vacation abroad is an exciting way to spice up your relationship.


Phuket is one of the best exotic destinations to spend a few romantic days. This is why many newlyweds choose the island as their honeymoon destination. We think it is safe to say that you will not be disappointed with all Phuket has to offer.


Here are a few things that you can do during your romantic vacation with your significant other in Phuket:


Go for a couple’s spa


When you are on vacation, you are allowed to relax and be pampered throughout the trip. Nothing is more relaxing than going for a couple’s spa in Phuket. There are many wellness centers in the city for you to choose from. The quality of service can range from average to world-class.


Since Thailand is famous for massages, there is a wide selection of them offered everywhere. You can opt for a traditional Thai massage, foot massage, fish massage, or aromatherapy. If you want to experience something new, why not consider sharing a milk bath with your loved one?


If you stay at a 4 or 5-star hotel, chances are they have an in-house spa. You can book a couple’s massage that won’t require a commute at all! There is no need to worry about the quality of the spa. Some of the leading spas are actually the ones in fancy hotels. You can be sure that you will get the best service that you deserve.


Another incredible place to get a couple’s massage is on the beach. Although the masseuses at these places may not be as professional, you will get to experience a fun and laid back massage. It’s a completely different experience than you would get from a fancy hotel, but one that is worth having.


Since it is not too extravagant, the price is incredibly low. You can expect to pay approximately 300 to 400 Thai baht per hour. Where else could you get a relaxing massage for such a cheap price? With the sights and sounds of sea birds and crashing waves in the background, you and your partner will always remember this remarkable moment.


Enjoy water activities on a deserted island


It would be a shame if you didn’t spend some time in the sea while you’re visiting Phuket. Instead of sunbathing on the beach, book a speed boat tour to explore the islands around the province. Not only will you get to explore nature with your lover, but you can also try snorkeling and scuba diving. Don’t forget to share an underwater kiss!


Pop the question in Phuket


If you are planning to ask your partner to marry you, this is a great opportunity to pop the question! Make the moment unforgettable by dropping down on one knee on the beach with the sunset in the background. Let nature set the mood for you. All you need to do is to prepare an engagement ring and bolster up the courage to do it!


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