Three Waterfalls To Visit In Phuket

September 4, 2019
Kalima Resort

Although Phuket may be recognized for its pristine beaches, fiery cuisine, and awe-inspiring nightlife, the waterfalls in this beautiful region of Thailand deserves all the praise in the world.


With natural beauties that are comparable to other wonders of the world, travelers from around the globe have revered the waterfalls of Phuket for the enchanting atmosphere that they create. While Thailand is no stranger to being revered by most people as a country that’s packed with never-ending natural beauty, Phuket’s waterfalls are a special case that exudes beauty so well that even the country’s beaches may be given a run for their money.


Here’s why the region’s waterfalls are known all over the world

The region’s waterfalls are so beautiful that they are referred to as the Asian equivalent of the Niagara Falls and Victoria falls—a daring statement that seems to back itself up with the mere sight of Phuket’s beautiful falling bodies of water.


Visiting the falls can be a perfect activity for any occasion or desire, whether it’s a romantic getaway, a quest to explore the most beautiful examples of nature in the world, or an attempt to satisfy a never-ending desire for adventure. If you have come to Phuket intending to explore its most impeccable examples of nature, then a full trip to the area’s most breathtaking waterfalls is a great way to start or end your trip. Getting to the waterfalls may prove itself to be a little challenging from start to finish, but the sights, sounds, and sensations make the entire trek far more than worth it.


Waterfalls that you need to visit

Should you find yourself in Phuket in search of an unforgettable experience with nature, here are some waterfalls that you have to visit and get up close and personal with:


1. Kathu Waterfall

If you want to start your trekking tour with an easy-breezy, yet amazing route, then the Kathu Waterfall can provide what you desire. Although it may be easy to reach, make no mistake that the Kathu Waterfall is an astounding sight to behold that holds a basin filled with cool fresh water that trekkers can enjoy after a scenic route.


2. Bang Pae Waterfall

The Bang Pae Waterfall is best-known for its cascading waterfall sequences, two great-sized falls, and a distinctive 10-meter drop into a narrow gorge that leads to a pool that doubles as a secret hideaway. When traveling to this breathtaking, yet serene waterfall, make sure to put on a pair of sturdy footwear to avoid slipping and sliding on the unpaved tracks around the Kaho Phra Thaeo National Park, where the waterfall is located. Additionally, a trip to the Bang Pae Waterfall can also prove to be an even more unique experience because it’s situated in the same area as the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre.


3. Ao Yon Waterfall

Regarded as one of the most secluded waterfalls in the region, the Ao Yon Waterfall is perfect for adventurers who want to spice up a date or be one with nature because it tends to be empty or rarely-populated due to is location and what it takes to get there. Before making your way to this secluded waterfall, it’s best to come prepared because it is, without a doubt, Phuket’s hardest waterfall to reach. Make sure to put on a good pair of shoes because you’ll be navigating harder terrain and climbing up varying arrangements of sharp rocks.


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