Weather in Phuket – What to Know

September 19, 2019
Kalima Resort

Since Phuket is a major tourist destination, visitors are keen to know about the weather during their stay. Unfortunately, there is no pattern for Phuket weather despite expected high and low seasons. The weather is so unpredictable that it can change every month. Therefore, it’s best to base the conditions on the trends from the previous year.

In general, tourists will try to avoid visiting Phuket from June to November because of the rainy season. However, this is the perfect time for budget travelers because flight and accommodation rates are lower. But global warming is shifting the timetable, making it challenging to accurately predict conditions. Nevertheless, here’s the typical weather in Phuket during the high season.

Weather in January and February

January is the perfect time to visit Phuket because rain showers are minimal while the temperature is within the range that tourists from cold-weather regions are used to. Meanwhile, it’s still fairly cold in the first half of February. But the air gets hotter as the March gets nearer.

This is also the time when Phuket’s beaches are surrounded by clear blue waters. That’s why more visitors start to flock into popular places like Nai Harn and Patong at this point. If this is not your cup of tea, you can go to Northern Phuket to enjoy quiet beaches.

Phuket in March and April

As summer sets in, the blue waters will continue to entice visitors. Weather will also be relatively fair and chances of rainfall are slim to none. You will need to prepare more funds when traveling to Phuket at this time because of higher prices.

On the other hand, fair weather continues to April which is the hottest month of the high season. If you are planning ahead to travel during this month, make sure that you get an airconditioned room. Otherwise, you may not be comfortable in an accommodation that only has an electric fan. Avoid going to Phuket during the week-long Songkran Festiva if you are not fond of wet and wild parties. Better check the calendar beforehand because its dates vary every year.

Phuket weather in May

Hot weather prevails during the first half of May. But rainfall becomes more frequent as June nears. Spending much time in malls is an attractive option during the first few days of May and everyone agrees that drinking more water and rubbing sunblock is a must during the last days of high season. If you are planning to visit Similan Islands, May is not the best time to do such because they start to close it for the low season.

High season starts anew

You can travel to Phuket at your own risk during the low season. While costs are cheap, you will not be able to enjoy your stay because of frequent and intense rainfall. Because of this, it’s better to delay your visit to December when the skies clear and wind chills can be felt. The temperature during the last month of the year drops to 24 degrees celsius which is considered cold by the locals. Travel-related prices start to pick up too.

What to consider when looking for accommodation in Phuket

Comfort must be the first order of business when looking for a place to stay. Go for aircon rooms if you are not used to tropical weather and check reviews of those who have stayed there. Likewise, bonus points go to the amenities they offer like lounges, swimming pools, and recreational facilities to name a few. Proximity to the beach can be factored in as well.

If you are particular with your food, find a resort that serves top-notch cuisine. Enjoying a great view while savoring your dish is a plus. Finally, look for a resort that makes visitors secure while feeling at home. The hotel of choice must be an extension of the paradise that is Phuket.

Whether the idea of a luxurious pool or five-star hotel room amenities is more tempting, Kalima Resort is here to please all. Book a room at our incredible luxury resort for a beach trip that you won’t forget anytime soon!