What Makes Patong So Popular

March 28, 2019
Kalima Resort

Phuket is, without question, one of the most popular destinations among tourists all over the world. As Phuket is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s no wonder why the island is a favorite vacation destination for many. That being said, there are still several spectacular beaches that have yet to be uncovered to the public.

Among the most famous beaches of all is Patong Beach, which has made countless appearances across various travel blogs and magazines. This is why resorts and other accommodations around Patong area are always packed with vacationers. Here are some reasons why Patong is so popular among tourists:


The Lively Atmosphere of the Beach

The most significant factor that contributes to Patong’s massive popularity is, of course, the beach. Patong Beach is arguably the main attraction in Phuket, and for a good reason. Although there is nothing unique about its white sand and clear waters – as so many beaches on the island also hold the same qualities – holidaymakers are still clinging to the idea that they must experience this particular beach when they visit Phuket.

Regardless, what sets Patong Beach apart from the rest is its facilities, including an array of restaurants by the beach, sun loungers and jet skis for rent. The vibrant nature of Patong Beach is, therefore, what distinguishes the beach from other shores.


The Energetic Nightlife Scene

Another critical aspect that makes Patong extremely popular is its lively and colorful nightlife. The central nightlife spot in Patong as well as on the entire island is Bangla Road. After the sun goes down, the road comes to life. As soon as you enter Bangla Road, The streets are lined with beer bars and go-go bars, all competing for your attention.

The Town of Patong Itself

While Patong is behind Kamala when it comes to the number of beach-side restaurants, the town of Patong is undoubtedly in the lead. The town behind Kamala Beach is a dull and quiet place with only a few choices of shops and good restaurants. Meanwhile, Patong has a large shopping mall called Jungceylon, where you can shop, eat, and escape the heat. There are also decent night markets in Patong as well, namely OTOP and Malin Plaza. If you want something to do other than lounging on a beach, you should explore the town and do some shopping while you are at it!


The Facilities and Accommodations

As Patong has such amazing facilities, it could be difficult to determine whether Patong is famous because of their facilities, or whether it is the other way around. Unfortunately, it is not possible to solve this chicken and egg situation as no one can know for sure. Either way, the popularity of Patong is the reason why the resorts and hotels in the area are always filled with guests – much more so than other areas of Phuket. In other words, it might be more of a challenge, or it might take you longer to book a room in the area of Patong than other parts of Phuket.


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